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Make it last

Here at Hang we don’t like fast fashion and throw away culture. We care what the world will be like when our children are grown up. So we make things properly, using the best materials, handcrafted by experts, designed to protect your piece, and guaranteed to last.

close up photo of four hardwood picture frames on a wall.
The frame

Our framers and designers have selected a range of frames that not only look awesome (and take the guesswork out of selection), but we have chosen woods and finishes that are great quality, durable and will last. Very soon all our frames will be from certified forests, in the meantime, we have highlighted the ones that are.

man cutting mount card on a guillotine.
Mount/Backing Board, Tapes, Papers

Acid is a picture frames number one enemy! Wood pulp is naturally slightly acidic and over time (speeded up by light) will start to discolour and stain the artwork, the hinging tape and backing board can do the same too. By using conservation materials that are acid-free  you are protecting your artwork from irreversible damage. We provide this as standard so your art or photography is protected.

male picture framer putting the glass in a picture frame.

We use top quality acrylic glazing because of its high UV (92%) that protects the artwork from fading. It will not shatter if dropped so your little ones or pets are completely safe. Don't confuse this glazing with the cheaper styrene glazing found in budget frames which tend to scratch easily, have low UV value and an awkward reflection.

picture of the backing paper on a picture frame.
Backing Paper

To fully protect your frame from the elements we have used the traditional method of using backing paper which stops dust, condensation and mould from damaging your frame. Plus it looks good too!

a male picture framer putting the wire on the back of a frame.
Hanging hardware

Depending on the size, style and type of art being framed we choose the best hanging system for the job, which includes hardware to hang it on your wall. To make your life easier we also send out a hanging guide with each frame, for if your DIY skills are a little rusty!

closeup photo of a woman hands, holding a photograph. There are photographs on a table.
Printing & paper

Archival inks printed on acid-free papers. We use industry-leading 12 ink printers that are guaranteed the highest quality print that will not fade for 200 years! Our lustre paper is award-winning and has one of the highest D-Max’s available (amount of detail in the highlights and shadows). Making your prints look exceptionally good!

A picture framer is putting a frame together in a workshop.
Forest Stewardship Council Logo

FSC certified timber

FSC stands for 'Forest Stewardship Council' and certifies forests worldwide to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. Our mountboard and packaging already meet this standard, and soon we plan to have all our frame mouldings coming from certified forests. In the meantime, you can use our FSC filter to select frames that meet this standard.

view of the Scottish Highlands near Glencoe

We use only the best materials, but we also care about the Earth - it’s our shared home, after all. That’s why Hang has teamed up with Trees for Life.

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Trees for Life are revitalising the wild forest in the Scottish Highlands, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive.