How long will my order take?


Custom Digital Upload orders are dispatched within 1-4 days. You’ll receive an estimated delivery date shortly after the Order Confirmation email. You can track your order once it has been dispatched via UPS.

Physical or Mail-In Item orders are dispatched within 2-5 days after your art is fully received in our Workshop. You’ll receive two email notifications—one informing you that your art made it safely to our Workshop and another email notification with an estimated delivery timeline once your art is fully received in our workshop. You can track your order’s status in your account page once it has been picked up by UPS.

Please allow an additional 1-3 days if using our design services for the custom frames.

What’s the status of my order?


Digital Upload orders will receive a delivery timeline immediately after purchasing.

Sent-in orders will receive a delivery timeline once your art is fully received by our workshop team.

What if I need to change my order?


If the frame has not been dispatched you still have time to make changes to your order.

A member of our team will need to make the changes, so it’s best to email us here so we can make it happen.

Applying any of these changes may increase the turnaround time for you to receive your finished frames.

What if I’m unhappy with my order?


Happy customers are our top priority. If for any reason you are not happy with your order please let us know and we will resolve the problem.

Contact us here, and a member of our team will follow up shortly to resolve your issue.

Sizing and Pricing

How do I measure my art?


Measure the length and width of your art to the nearest whole centimetre. Please round up to ensure the packaging we send is the appropriate size. Once your art arrives in our workshop, one of our framers will precisely measure its exact dimensions and build your custom frame.

How much will it cost to frame my art/photo?


To make pricing nice and clear we have based it on the size of your art. To see how much it will cost to frame your piece, visit our Pricing Page.

‘Sent In’ Art

How do I send you my art?


Send your art in our pre-paid packaging or in your own packaging.

We provide a prepaid label for your packaging, or we can send out a flat mailer or tube, depending on what you are sending.

Once you've securely packaged your art, you can drop it off at your nearest UPS 'drop off' shop (free), or we can arrange for a UPS driver to pick it up from your home.

When do I receive my packaging?


Your packaging is posted shortly after you place your order and will arrive in 2-6 business days, depending on location. We ship packaging via Royal Mail.

If you haven’t received your packaging after 6 business days, please reach out to us so we can investigate.

How do I request new packaging?


If you need new packaging for any reason, contact  order detas so we can nda replacement.

Is my art insured?


The safety and security of your art is our top priority, and we're proud to offer comprehensive insurance.

In the unlikely event that your art is lost or damaged, we will make every effort to replace it.

If replacement is not possible, we will reimburse you for the value of the piece. A proof of value or an appraisal and proof of purchase or ownership would be required. If documentation of your piece's value is not available, we will reimburse you for the value of your artwork up to £250.

What should I do with my Certificate of Authenticity (COA)?


We recommend that you keep your artwork's Certificate of Authenticity (COA) and only send us the piece that you are framing. That said, we can absolutely create a pocket on the back of your frame to hold your COA.

If you’d like us to create a pocket for your COA on the back of your frame, please note it in the “Special Instructions” box in your basket during checkout.

When you receive your frame, simply insert the COA into the pocket and you’ll always know where it is!

Can I frame my artwork at home instead of sending it to Hang?


We are proud to be the first UK online framers to provide a ‘sent in’ artwork service. Like traditional framers, our frames are custom cut by hand, to the exact size of your artwork. We use protective materials and seal the back of the frame with a kraft paper to protect the art from dust and environmental damage. Therefore we do not provide frames that you can install the art yourself.

Photo Upload/File sizes

What kind of files can I upload to print & frame?


You can upload a .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG file and we’ll print and frame it for you. The longest side of the image must be under 12K pixels, and the file must be under 30MB. To ensure the highest-quality printing, our website won’t allow an image smaller than 150 dpi (dots per inch). If you need help with your file, reach out to us here.

What size can I print my photo?


The available print sizes for your photo are based upon the resolution of the file you upload. To ensure the highest quality printing, we validate the resolution of your file and only allow you to print sizes that we know will look great. For this reason, our site won’t allow an image smaller than 150 dpi (dots per inch). Want a bigger print? We recommend trying a higher resolution version of your photo, or reaching out to us for assistance.

How will you print my file?


We print on archival, acid-free, lustre paper using premium inks, and our printers use RGB colour mode and the Adobe RGB (1998) colour space. We require a minimum image resolution of 150 DPI at printing size to ensure the highest-quality finished print. If you’re having trouble with an image, we can convert a file to those settings if you email us.

Can I change my photo in the future?


All of our frames are sealed with a protective kraft paper backing to protect your art or photo for years to come. Because every frame is custom built to your piece’s exact specifications, our frames are not designed to be opened or for the content of the frame to be updated or replaced.

Working with our designer

How does Design Service work?


Our Design Service is an easy, free service where our talented design team will provide frame and mount style recommendations tailored to your piece and personal style. Whether you need a second opinion or additional assistance with a more complex frame design, we are here to help.

Within 48-hours of receiving your art, a designer will email you four unique frame design mock-ups, and you pick your favourite!

When will I receive my Design Service recommendations?


You'll receive your Designer’s Choice proposal via email within 48 hours of our team receiving your art. For digital uploads, you’ll receive recommendations within 48 hours of placing your order. For physical pieces or mail-in items, you’ll receive recommendations within 48 hours of their arrival in our factory.

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship internationally?


We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint and so don’t offer international shipping.

How can I return or exchange my order?


If for any reason you are not happy with your order, please let us know so we can resolve the problem. Email andy@hangframing.com and share images, plus a description of the issue so we can deal with it and send out a replacement asap.

For ‘sent in’ art items, we suggest holding onto the packaging your original order came with, so you can quickly post the piece back to us (we’ll send you a return label). If you’ve thrown away the packaging, no worries! We’ll send you new packaging.

If you have any questions about this process, we’re always happy to talk through them first!

Do you require signatures for delivery?


We do not currently require signatures for delivery. Signatures are left to the discretion of the UPS driver.

If you would prefer a secure delivery, we recommend signing up for UPS My Choice, which allows a range of customizable features, including:

- Reroute or reschedule package deliveries
- Get estimated and confirmed delivery windows
- Track and manage multiple packages at once
- Receive real-time delivery alerts
- Follow your delivery on a live map
- Leave driver instructions
- Plan deliveries around your schedule
- Route packages to a UPS Access Point™ location for convenient pickup

Gallery Walls

How do I design a gallery wall? (Coming Soon)


We will be launching this service very soon!

Hanging Frames

How do you recommend I hang my art?


We make it easy to hang and enjoy your framed art! All our frames come with appropriately - sized hanging hardware and everything you need to easily display your frame.

For more hanging inspiration — visit our blog

How do I clean and care for my piece?


We recommend a dry microfiber cloth or soft cloth towel to clean your framed art. If you’d like to use a cleaning solution, we recommend water with a drop or two of dish soap. Please avoid using any cleaners that contain bleach to prevent damage or discoloration to your frame.

How do I request additional hardware?


Reach out to us and we will send you any additional hardware you may need for free (typically delivered within 1-3 business days).

Can I order a frame with a removable back?


All of our frames come sealed with a custom, kraft paper backing to protect your art from dust and moisture. The backs are not constructed to be removable so that we can guarantee the protection and longevity of your art for years to come.

When ordering multiple frames, how do I ensure that they will all be the same size?


If you want your frames to be exactly the same size, you can specify your ideal size in the “Special Instructions” field in your cart at checkout, and we'll ensure a uniform final frame size for all.


What payment methods does Hang accept?


We accept all major credit cards, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Maestro via Stripe payments.

How do I redeem and apply my gift card balance? (Coming Soon!)


How do I redeem my Zola Gift Card?


We’re thrilled to partner with Zola to offer custom framing credit as a registry gift! Here’s how to redeem your Zola Gift Card:

1. Login to your Framebridge account here.
2. Browse our site and select the items you’d like to frame.
3. When you’re ready to checkout, click “Apply a promo code” on the Payment Information page.
4. Enter your Zola Gift Card code into the promo field and click apply.
5. Refresh the page, and you should see a checkbox appear to apply your available store credit to your current order.
6. Any leftover store credit will be stored in your account and available to use towards future purchases.

Can I split payment with two different cards?


We do not allow orders to be paid for with two different forms of payment.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Do you use glass?


We do not use glass. We use acrylic as the glazing for your frame. Our acrylic is lightweight and beautifully clear, while offering superior 92% UV protection. It will not shatter like glass, keeping your pets and family safe.

What are your frames made of?


We source the best materials available like wood mouldings, acrylic glazing with UV protection, and acid-free mounts and foam core. Premium is our starting point. For a full overview of all our materials, click here.

What kind of mounts do you use?


All of our mounts (the card border around your art) are acid-free to ensure the long-term preservation of your art. Our standard mounts are 1400 macrons thick and available in a variety of colours. Currently 90% of our mount board is FSC certified which is clearly stated next to the mount name in the frame configurator.

How will my art be protected?


We use the highest-quality materials and framing techniques to ensure the long-term safety and preservation of your piece. We use acid-free mounts, tapes and foam boards to prevent discoloration over time, acrylic with UV protection, and seal every frame with a protective kraft paper backing to keep out dust and debris.

How will you mount my art?


We hinge mount your art/photo onto an acid free backing board or front mount board. Using a traditional hinge mount lets your art expand and contract with the temperature of the room. We use acid free tapes, so your art does not get discoloured or stained.

How can I personalize my frame?


We offer a foil blocking service to make your frame truly personal. Type a message up to 35 characters and choose a metallic foil colour.

Press Inquiries and Influencer Collaborations



If you have a press inquiry or interested in collaborating with Hang email andy@hangframing.com.

Account, Privacy and Security

How do I unsubscribe from your physical mailing or email list?


To unsubscribe from physical mailings, please fill out all of the information in this form. Removal from our mailing list may take up to 3 months.

To unsubscribe or reduce your cadence of promotional emails, head here, link enter your email address, and modify your preferences. You can also click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email. Transactional email communications will still send if you make a purchase.

How can I delete my account?


Email info@hangframing.com for any account deletion requests.

Where can I view the details from a previous order?


If you placed an order with an Account, you can access your entire order history by logging into your Hang account.

1. Log into your account here.
2. Or click the person icon in the upper right hand corner of your screen to log onto your account.
3. Scroll down and click into the different orders to learn more about each one.


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