How it works

Are you framing original art or do want a digital photo printed & framed?

Framing original art

Original art, prints, printed photographs or certificates

  • Take a photo of your art with your smartphone
  • Upload the photo to use as a preview image
  • Input the width & height of your art then crop the photo
  • Design your frame
  • In the checkout arrange how you want to send in your art
  • We will build the frame and deliver it to your door
bare wood picture Fram with a print by artist Kerry Day
a person's hands holding a photography print.

Framing digital photos

Digital custom frames

  • Upload a digital photo
  • Crop the photo if required
  • Select the size of the print from the dropdown menu
  • Design your frame
  • We’ll build the frame and deliver it to your door
white custom picture frame with a photo of a bride.

Framing digital photos

Gift frames/standard frames

  • Choose a frame style
  • Upload your digital photo
  • Crop the photo if required
  • We’ll print, build the frame and deliver the next working day
standard picture frame and print of a girl

Need something else framing?

We can frame just about anything - objects, canvases, shirts, textiles, jigsaws and more, get in touch and we can frame it for you!

photograph of the Scottish highlands near Glencoe.

Materials + sustainability

We use only the best materials, but we also care about the Earth - it’s our shared home, after all. That’s why Hang has teamed up with Trees for Life.

Hang founder Andy Hook

Our founder is
a photographer

Our founder, Andy, knows the printing and framing process inside-out and champions the joy of hanging your own imagery in your home.

Our story
new custom picture frame being taken out of its packaging

How much will it cost?

Tell us the size of your art, and we'll give you the best estimate we can.