We hope you find the website really intuitive and easy to use. Still, to make sure you get the best out of all the features, we will cover all the different options available to create truly unique frames.

We have split the site into three different sections. Original Art Custom Framing, Digital Upload Custom Framing and Digital Upload Standard Frames. The two custom sections offer full customisation of pretty much everything. We have simplified the pricing structure, so it is based on the size of the art. There are also three price categories - standard, premium and hardwood ranges with their own price points. Our framers and designers have curated a selection of only the best frame styles and finishes, so you can trust that your frame choice will be of exceptional quality. We also have standard frames that are next day delivery and at a great price point for gifts. We will soon be framing objects, and we will be launching our Gallery Walls section in the coming months. Sign up here to be notified.

Original Art Custom Framing

We are excited to be the first UK picture framers to offer original art 'send in' service. How it works is that you order your frame first via the website configurator and then select either a courier pick up or drop off shop. We then build your frame and ship it back to you. Simple as that!

To help you visualise your art in the different style frames, we get you to upload a photo of it and input the dimensions in centimetres. You don't have to be millimetre perfect as one of our framers will measure your art once we have received it. This measurement will give you the correct ratio to crop your preview photo. Once cropped, you can then select the frame. The preview will match the dimensions inputted and display your art. You can now put your creative skills to work and customise the perfect frame to suit your art.

Once added to your basket, you will then get the option to add free packaging to send your art in. If you select this, give it a few days for it to arrive. We will then send an email with the details for arranging the day of the UPS pickup. The completed frame will ship 2 to 3 days after we receive your art in the workshop.

Custom Digital Upload

Similar journey to Original Art Upload, except this time the photo uploaded, will be used to print. The higher-quality digital file, the better the quality of the print. For more help, check out our useful image sizing guide here. Once uploaded, you have full control over the crop of the image. It's worth noting that the more you crop into the image, the more data will be lost, thus reducing image quality. Once happy with the crop, you can then choose your frame style and then mount options.

Frame Configurator

Both Custom journeys give you all our customising options. You can keep things simple and just go with our standard mount size, or you can make it a double mount, float mount, no mount or custom mount.

Float mounts are super popular with galleries at the moment. The art or print is raised above the mount and looks like it is floating. This option is only available with deeper frames, and you need to select the bright white mount colour. Available mouldings are - Ansel, Irving, Brancaster, Ashley, Robin, Villamil, Benjamin, Jemima and Kirby.

Custom mount option gives you full control over the mount's width. Select this for more creative mounting sizes like bottom weighting or oversizing it. There is also a 'more mount options' button which lets you select additional mount sizes, plus gives you the option to select linen mounts.

Another unique option is our foil blocking service. Great to add memorable dates, names or places to the mount. Available in 4 metallic colours and can be spaced over two rows.

Shipping for Custom Digital Uploads is 2 to 3 days. If you would like even faster service, you can add express service, putting your order at the front of the queue.

Standard Frames

The quickest and easiest way to frame your digital uploads. We offer next business day delivery as standard, so it is great for quick gifts. You have a choice of our most popular frame styles in standard sizes. We print your digital upload on our fine art printer that uses archival inks and lustre acid-free paper.

All our frames come with acid-free mounts, backing board, tapes and papers, protecting your art/photography from staining. They are also from certified timber sources, which helps prevent illegal deforestation. Very soon, we hope to also have certification for all our frame styles. In the meantime, you can use the filter to select only certified frames.

And finally, all our packaging is recyclable and does not include any plastic, just add it to your card and paper recycling. We recycle our waste materials, and if you want to offset your carbon footprint from your order, you can plant a tree at the checkout!